Mr. Edgar Odari

Mr. Edgar Odari is the Executive Director at Econews Africa.

Mr. Bernard Ochieng

Mr. Bernard Ochieng is a governance, policy and community development practitioner working as a Programme Coordinator and the Officer in charge of Extractives and Development at Econews Africa.

Ms. Edna Tsisika Mategwa

Ms. Edna Tsisika Mategwa is currently working as the Finance and Administration Officer at Econews Africa.

Ms. Sandrah Otieno

Ms Sandrah Otieno is a communications practitioner working as an Advocacy and Communications Officer at Econews Africa.

Ms.Maleehah Iqbal Khandwalla

Ms. Maleehah Iqbal Khandwalla is Bachelor of Laws graduate from Strathmore University Kenya.

Mr. Bradley Savatia

Mr. Bradley Savatia is a procurement and supply chain operations practitioner and a member of the Kenya Institute of Supplies Management (KISM) working as a volunteer at Econews Africa.

Ms. Fridah Mutua

Fridah is a trade economist currently working as an Assistant Programmes Coordinator at Econews Africa.

Ms. Anne Chichi Bulinda

Ms. Anne Bulinda is a communication practitioner, working as a content and media relations volunteer at Econews Africa.

Ms. Evangeline Minage

Ms. Evangeline Minage is currently interning as Program Assistant in the Executive Director’s
Office at Econews Africa.

Ms. Yvonne Makheti

Ms. Yvonne Makheti is a communications practitioner working as an Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement Intern at Econews Africa.

Amb. Nelson Ndirangu

Amb. Ndirangu is an experienced in international trade practitioner and has worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a long time.

Ms. Dinah Musindarwezo

Ms. Musindarwezo is a feminist as well as a gender and development expert.

Amb. Joshua Mugodo

Amb. Mugodo is a skilled diplomat with vast experience serving the Kenyan Government at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ms. Mercy Karimi

Ms. Karimi is an expert in finance and administration with vast experience working in the non-profit sector.

Dr. Anthony Mveyange

Dr. Mveyange has vast experience in development economics having worked with the World Bank for over ten years.

Ms. Elizabeth Kariuki

Ms. Kariuki is a vastly experienced lawyer and development practitioner currently working with the World Wildlife Fund as the Global Governance Policy Specialist.

Mr. John Ochola

Mr. Ochola is an alumnus of Econews Africa having worked with the organization back in 2007.