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Econews Africa

Econews Africa (ENA) is a Pan-African research and advocacy organization which works to bridge the local, national, regional and global information gaps on development issues, in particular on resource management, environmental integrity, globalisation and an overarching need for access to timely and relevant information. Since 1992, we have focused on strategic development issues facing Africa in the globalisation era such as trade and investment, Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs), debt, extractives, international finance, the environment and climate change as well as gender and systemic inequality.


A society where people are in charge of their development process, make independent decisions and where justice, equity and human dignity are upheld.


Econews Africa exists to work, in partnership with organized communities including CBOs and NGOs, towards active participation in decision-making on sustainable development by promoting timely and strategic information flows at all levels.


Econews Africa works as a non-partisan, not for profit and people-centred organization that is wholly committed to the values of transparency, integrity and justice. ENA is committed to looking for alternatives to the neoliberal model of development.