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Governments have been known to be responsible for creating an appropriate environment in which such private sector activities are effectively promoted in the area of trade and investments. This then leads to the private sector having a dominant voice since they are the main players in the implementation of different trade and investment regimes with a heavy interest on profits.

The voices of civil society and the public are critical in establishing basic rules and legal systems to facilitate businesses to engage in fair and free business activities and in the setting up physical infrastructure such as transportation and power systems that can enable active production and trading of goods and services. The most effective and sustainable approach for promoting trade and investment is ensuring that their perspectives are mainstreamed in the establishment of essential foundations for economic development and to address issues linked to promoting trade and investment at a national, regional and global levels.

Therefore, ENA prioritizes matters related to trade and investment to continue supporting different stakeholders engaged in these processes by providing support in the development, implementation and monitoring of polices.

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