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A Just and Empowered Africa that is in Charge of its Development

To Inform and Transform Africa's Development Processes and Systems Through Capacity Building and Evidence Based Advocacy

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Econews Africa undertakes research, advocacy, policy and community engagements on the focus areas.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building is an important approach that Econews deploys to arm communities and various stakeholders with correct, reliable and actionable information on key issues affecting them. More specifically, Econews invests in simplifying technical information for use by respective stakeholders.

Media Campaigns & Advocacy

Econews believes in the power of both traditional and new media to shape development decisions and priorities. In this respect, Econews has overtime built capital in leveraging media and technology tools for development.


Econews Africa uses action research, surveys, rapid assessments and fact-finding missions as important tools for knowledge generation and more importantly for influencing policy development and decisions.

Networking & Partnerships

It is our belief that acting collectively facilitates significant results than working alone. In this regard, Econews favors alliance building, networking and grassroots mobilization in delivering its work.

Business & Human Rights

Econews seeks to foster understanding of the impacts of business on people and environment. The aim is to avoid on human rights through business activities or mitigate adverse human rights linked to business operations mainly in the extractives sector.


As a last resort when other advocacy interventions have failed, when appropriate, Econews uses litigation or court petition to seek redress.

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