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President Biden is focused on ending the COVID-19 pandemic and strengthening the economy by taking bold steps to increase vaccine production and delivery, re-open our schools, and make landmark investments in our economy to put people back to work and deliver immediate relief to American families. The President’s Build Back Better agenda will create millions of good-paying jobs and support America’s working families by tackling four national challenges: building a stronger industrial and innovation base so the future is made in America; building sustainable infrastructure and a clean energy future; building a stronger, caring economy; and, advancing racial equity across the board.

The President’s trade agenda is an essential component of the fight against COVID-19, the economic recovery, and the Build Back Better agenda. President Biden seeks a fair international trading system that promotes inclusive economic growth and reflects America’s universal values. The President knows that trade policy should respect the dignity of work and value Americans as workers and wage-earners, not only as consumers. The President’s trade agenda will restore U.S. global leadership on critical matters like combatting forced labor and exploitative labor conditions, corruption, and discrimination against women and minorities around the world. Through bilateral and multilateral engagement, the Biden Administration will seek to build consensus on how trade policies may address the climate crisis, bolster sustainable renewable energy supply chains, end unfair trade practices, discourage regulatory arbitrage, and foster innovation and creativity.

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