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The extractives and development programme seeks to enhance responsible, transparent, accountable and sustainable management and use of extractive resources. Through this programme, ENA provides capacity building support for communities and civil society organizations to effectively mobilize and demand for better governance frameworks from policymakers as well as implementing institutions in the extractive sector for it to promote the goal of structural economic transformation.

The presence of extractive sector resources in Africa harbours the potential to significantly foster growth and development through availing of revenues to promote infrastructure development, transformation of the agricultural sector, as well as fund key sectors such as education and health. Conversely, poor management of these resources could result to economic instability, social conflicts and lasting environmental damage.

Unfortunately, the legacy of the extractive sector on the continent is one of the resources existing in enclaves that are disconnected from the immediate surrounding environment such that the vast wealth that is tapped from extractive resources coexists with biting poverty as the revenues are accrued externally without any linkages to the local economies in which the resources are produced. The link between natural resources and development is governance. Without appropriate institutions of governance that ensure accountability and transparency, natural resources endowments are unlikely to translate into positive developmental outcomes.

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