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Econews Africa (ENA) is a Pan-African research and advocacy organization based in Kenya that works to bridge the local, national, regional and global information gaps on development issues, in particular on trade and investments, the extractive industry and finance and development. Econews Africa undertakes training, advocacy, research, and community engagements on the three focus areas of trade and investments; extractive industry; and finance and development to not only bridge the knowledge gap but also increase citizens’ actions on these issues.

Econews Africa seeks the services of a qualified consultant to undertake a critical analysis of the Treaty-Making and Ratification Act of 2012 with a view to strengthening the role of Parliament (Senate and National Assembly) in the treaty-making process. This will entail identifying existing deficiencies in the Act that limit the participation of the Parliament in the treaty-making process and providing concrete proposals for improving the Act. The analysis will draw inspiration from Kenya’s Constitution 2010, best practices and lessons from elsewhere and the current global push for reforms seeking greater engagement by Parliaments in the negotiating, implementation and monitoring trade treaties. (See Document link for more details):

RFP-Role-of-Parliament-in-Treaty-Making-in-Kenya-Study-2.pdf (12 downloads)