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1.0 Background
The Parliamentary Caucus on Economy and Business is envisaged to engaged and deliberated on various issues in regard to economy and ways of doing business in the country. The Caucus constitutes of over Thirty-Five (35) Members from the National Assembly, Chaired by the Hon. Jude Njomo, MP, Member for Kiambu Constituency.
The purpose of the caucus is –
a) To come up with solution to the ailing economy and business environment in the wake of challenges faced by the public;
b) To play bipartisan roles and complement the Parliamentary Departmental Committees in regard to matters on Finance, Planning, Budget and Appropriations; and,
c) To engage all relevant stakeholders with the aim of considering propose policies and legislative interventions that enhances growth of the economy and improve ways of doing business in the country.
Other purposes include, but not limited to –
• Interrogation of the Big Four Agenda Plans with view of gauging whether the approach and budgetary support is adequate to boost the economy;
• Conduct post legislation scrutiny of laws (legislations) to gauge their impact in the economy and the business environment;
• Conduct and audit on the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority and the enabling law with a view of proposing amendments to place it at the centre of economy recovery;
• Fully participate in the Budget making process with a view to promote rationalization of the National budget to ensure a realistic budget (no or less deficits) with realistic expenditures;
• Promote regional and international issues in the country’s economy to bring out the best;

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